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Macrophilia is the sexual attraction to larger people. Macrophilia has two main forms: the shrinking of self and the enlargement of others. Some people in online macrophilia communities may be opposed to either form based on their own personal preference, but both are technically forms of macrophilia.

Macrophilia is not the opposite of microphilia, although it is close enough to be considered the opposite. These phenomena are two sides of the same coin with macrophiles fantasizing about larger beings, microphiles fantasizing about smaller beings and a crossover contingent fantasizing about both.

Macrophiliac fantasies take several forms depending on the individual: with focus on hands, feet, breasts, genitals or mouth of the object of desire, involving either sexual or asexual encounters, with or without consent of either party. However not all macrophiliac fantasies involve sexual situations. Subgroups such as growing, and in particular growing too large to fit in tight spaces are also common macrophiliac fantasy topics.

Since the existence of giants and giantesses is strictly fantastic, macrophiles must depend on their own imaginations or pornography to fulfil such desires (morphed pictures, montages, self made videos, artwork, and fantasy writings). Lately a program called Poser has been used to create digital simulations of macrophilic situations. Such production of macrophilic pornographic material (both heterosexual and homosexual) has become a growing enterprise in the first decade of the 21st century.


[edit] Macro Community

[edit] Human Macrophilia

A large section of a nascent heterosexual oriented online community refers to its fetish as “GTS”, an abbreviation for “giantess”. Within some communities erotica and pornographic imagery are grouped into two main categories: “Growth”, in which someone has been enlarged and interacts with a normal-sized environment (“MEGA” being a subset in which the giant person can range from 200 feet tall to planetary proportions to even bigger, theoretical sizes still), and “Shrink”, which documents the interaction between a person (generally male) reduced to miniature stature and a normal-sized person. Though exceptions exist, the majority of heterosexual graphic images and literature focus on the male perspective, where the man is the smaller person.

It appears much less common for women to develop this fetish entirely on their own. This is not to say it is entirely impossible, as women are being seen more commonly throughout the online giantess community as it continues to grow. Several notable females within the giantess community have come forth with the full giantess fetish, without being introduced to it first. Some women may learn to enjoy participating in it after being introduced to the phenomenon by male fetishists, although not initially having it. Due to the lack of open females within the giantess community very little information is known about why or how females develop macrophilia. Over time more information may become present.

The macrophilia paraphilia exists in both homosexual and heterosexual communities, and across a wide spectrum of cultures. While online representation is predominantly English-language, there exists a burgeoning, prolific Japanese bloc of macrophilaic/microphilic artwork and literature, and French and German communities are growing as well.

[edit] Furry Macrophilia

Another group of growing macrophiles are macrofurries. A subgroup of the furry fandom community, they are similar to human macrophiles except that anthropomorphic beasts are used instead of humans. While commonly animals such as wolves, bears, felines, or other predatory animals are used for furry macrophilic interaction, it is not uncommon to see any species of animal open to enlarging, even mystical or fantastical creatures or hybrids are open, such as dragons or unicorns.

For the most part they have similar interests to human macrophiles as well. Foot fixation, rampaging (sexual arousal from watching, or being, a large furry and destroying property and/or human or other sentient life), Vorarephilia, and aspects of frottage and voyeurism are commonly exhibited during furry macrophilia roleplaying, drawing, or writing as well. However, some interests are specific to this subgroup of the -philia, or at least are not nearly as popular in the giantess community. Inflation being the most obvious of these, this being growth through the expansion of a rubber or rubber like substance that a furry has unnaturally turned into.

The act of growing, however, seems to be by far the most common act of the macrophilic scene in general, and furry macrophilia holds no exceptions to this rule. Magic, science, and/or inner emotions all have been used as excuses or reasons to have seemingly normal animals grow and become macrophilic creatures.

Furry macrophilia, as human macrophilia, has a large hetero- and homosexual fan base, with a good number being bisexual as well. Another fairly unique aspect to furry macrophilia is the use of hermaphrodites.

[edit] Aspects of Macrophilia

Macrophilia and microphilia also refer to sexual attraction towards a person of height but not to an unreal, physically impossible extent. These traits are almost universally possessed by both men and women, as many people regard height as playing a role in sexual attraction. However Macrophiles sometimes find greater heights to be more sexually arousing, with "megaphiles" being the extreme case, in which planetary or theoretical heights are fantasized about. Macrophiles and microphiles commonly want the larger person to do things to them, such as step or stomp on them. Some might consider this evidence of sadism/masochism and/or crush fixations, in which a sexual thrill is gained by the act of crushing, being crushed, or seeing small creatures crushed beneath a foot, a shoe, stomach, buttocks, etc. Very specific subsets of macrophilia exist, the most common being podophilia (foot fetishism), in which pleasure might be obtained from either gentle or violent interaction (small creatures being stepped on, for example), and Vorarephilia, in which the smaller individual is swallowed by the larger. Other interests displayed by some macrophiles include a desire to be stashed somewhere on the giant’s body, or within the giant's body (also known as Endosomaphilia) or in a piece of clothing, to be bathed in another's sexual fluids, or to attempt frotteurism, either masturbation by rubbing the smaller person’s body against the giant person’s genitals or entering the other’s genitals. Macrophiles might also enjoy witnessing the larger person cause destruction of the area around them. Some macrophiles derive particular enjoyment from seeing cars being crushed by giant men or women, again, particularly if crushed under their feet. Men in particular may fantasize about being giants themselves, demolishing cities and crushing cars. It is important to note that very few likes and dislikes are held by every macrophile, making it difficult to generalize macrophilic fantasies beyond the inclusion of size disparity.

[edit] Origins

Macrophilia usually manifests itself in very early childhood, when children with macrophilic tendencies often experience a sexual or pseudo-sexual response to giants (e.g.-in fairytales, animated cartoons, movies, etc.) long before physical puberty -- but this is not commonly known, because the fetish has been (until recently) considered a “guilty pleasure”. Macrophiles are extremely shy about their tendencies, even among sympathetic peers, and to a greater degree than other fetishists commonly in fear of being judged and ridiculed. Recently, however, this fetish has become more widely acceptable to others.

Outsiders frequently suppose the macrophile phenomenon stems from mother- or father-lust or an inordinate desire to return to childhood, citing the giant’s or giantess' impatience with the tiny man, or the tiny man’s tendency towards misbehaviour, though many macrophiles are quick to reject and dismiss these theories as uninformed generalizations that miss the mark. Also, recurrent macrophilic themes of domination and/or violence committed by the giant(s) are often misinterpreted as masochistic self-hatred and identity-negation -- when, in fact, they are primarily invoked to emphasize the power of the dominator over the dominated. This being so, it is true that some macrophiles are also interested, or at least curious, in the practice of BDSM. More controlling personalities, especially those that are shy or normally not considered fit for leadership positions, also seem to flock to these two paraphilias, BDSM and macrophilia, as outlets. However other macrophiles do not see nongiant entities in dominance or submissive roles as attractive. This in turn is another reason why origins or analysis of the paraphilia is so difficult, as personal preference is so varied that generalizations can almost never be made.

[edit] Related Interests

Macrophilia — just as other fantasies — might blend or share common ground with other particular sexual behaviours. There also exist, for example, macrophile furries/macrofurs who may be found in online communities sharing artwork, histories, experiences or points of view regarding that interest. It may touch upon vorarephilia in which the giant devours the smaller subject whole. Frequently online heterosexual macrophile communities share links with Amazon fetishism, featuring women possessed of overly developed musculature who enjoy abusing hapless male victims either through overbearing sexual acts or outright physical violence and torture, often with vengeance or misandry as motivation. Another interest that shows up from time to time is a spin on voyeurism, where a tiny person is in the presence of a larger person who is unaware of his or her presence. There are as many other obscure crossovers as can be imagined--for many macrophiles, the macrophilia is but one of many sexual interests.

[edit] See also

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