Wei Niu
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Texas A&M University
Office:408C,Bright Building (HRBB)
Email: niuwei@amazon.com
Currently, I'm working as machine learning scientist at Amazon Customer Experience Personalization team in Seattle. I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University, advisedby professor James Caverlee, in Infolab. I received my bachelar's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UM-SJTU Joint Institute at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
My research interest generally lies in social media data mining, recommendation system and applied machine learning/deep learning, with special focus on exploiting geographical information to facilitate various applications. My dissertation topic is: Enhancing Geo-social Systems: Profiling, Ranking and Recommendation.

  • W. Niu, J. Caverlee, H. Lu. "Neural Personalized Ranking for Image Recommendation". ACM WSDM, 2018. (Acceptance Rate 16%)[pdf]

  • W. Niu, J. Caverlee, H. Lu. "Location-Sensitive User Profiling Using Crowdsourced Labels". AAAI, 2018. (Acceptance Rate 24.6%)[pdf]

  • S. Li, J. Caverlee, W. Niu, P. Kaghazgaran. "Crowdsourced App Review Manipulation". ACM SIGIR, 2017.[pdf]

  • W. Niu, Z. Liu, J. Caverlee. " On Local Expert Discovery via Geo-Located Crowds, Queries, and Candidates". ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems, (Accepted in Sep. 2016). [pdf]

  • W. Niu, J. Caverlee, H. Lu, K. Kamath. "Community-Based Geospatial Tag Estimation". ASONAM, 2016. (Acceptance rate 13.6%) [pdf] [slides]

  • H. Lu, J. Caverlee, W. Niu. "Discovering What You're Known For: A Contextual Poisson Factorization Approach". RecSys, 2016. (Acceptance rate 18%) [pdf]

  • W. Niu, Z. Liu, J. Caverlee. "LExL: A Learning Approach for Local Expert Discovery on Twitter". ECIR, 2016. (Acceptance Rate 30%) [pdf] [poster]

  • H. Lu, J. Caverlee and W. Niu. "BiasWatch: A Lightweight System for Discovering and Tracking Topic-Sensitive Opinion Bias in Social Media". CIKM, 2015. (Acceptance rate 18%) [pdf]
  • Journal Reviewer: IEEE TKDE, IEEE Intelligent Systems, International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
  • Conference Reviewer: ASONAM'16
  • External Reviewer: ICDM'16, WWW'(17 ,16, 15), WSDM'(17, 16, 15), KDD'(17, 16, 15), SIGIR'(17, 16, 15), CIKM'(17, 16, 15, 14), RecSys'(17, 16), ICWSM'15, SWDM'15, IJCAI'15, ICDM'14, HT'14
  • Community-Based Geospatial Tag Estimation, ASONAM'16
  • LExL: A Learning Approach for Local Expert Discovery on Twitter, ECIR'16 (Poster)
  • Guest Lecture, CSCE689 Data Science, TAMU, 2016
  • Guest Lecture, CSCE670 Information Retrieval, TAMU, 2014
  • Research Scientist, Transaction Risk Management, Amazon.Inc, May 2016-Aug. 2016
    Project: A Sequential Deep Learning Model for Fraud Detection from Clickstream
    Area: Deep learning, Classification, User behavior modeling
  • CSE Department Travel Grant, TAMU, 2016
  • ECEN Department Scholarship, TAMU, 2011
  • Honored Graduates, SJTU, 2010
Last Updated: Oct. 2017